Common Scenarios

These are common scenarios that you may come across. Some of these scenarios have been already been described in some other pages.


Be sure to also to check out the Common Questions page for more solutions to common problems.


How do I allow the usage of doors, levers, etc.?

If you want everyone to be able to use doors, levers, buttons, pressure plates, and so on, set the use flag:

/rg flag REGION_NAME use allow

If you want to apply it to all regions, set it on the Global Region:

/rg flag __global__ use allow

How do I let people ride horses and Minecarts?

If you want everyone to be able to use all vehicles, set the ride flag:

/rg flag REGION_NAME ride allow

If you want to apply it to all regions, set it on the Global Region:

/rg flag __global__ ride allow

How do I prevent building in the wilderness?

As described on the Global Region page, you can set the passthrough flag to deny:

/rg flag __global__ passthrough deny

Do not set the build flag.

How can I only deny exit for non-members?

You want to set the region group of the flag:

/rg addmember example_region sk89q
/rg flag example_region exit -g nonmembers deny

How can I let players exit one side of an exit=deny region?

Make two regions:

  • One region would have exit=deny.
  • The other region would overlap the side of the deny region, extending a bit outside, on the sides that you want to let players exit out of. This region would have exit=allow.

How do I unprotect all enchantment tables?

In the Configuration, adjust the interaction-whitelist setting and add the enchantment table. Get the proper names that you can use from Bukkit’s Material.

How do I allow mining but prevent block breaking?

Set the block-break flag to allow:

* /rg flag mining_area block-break allow

How do I allow breaking of only certain block types?

Sorry, this is not supported yet!

Plot Setups

How can I create a setup with plots?

If you want to create plots, you’d make use of region inheritence as described in Priority and Inheritance. There are two regions that you’d want to create, followed by the plot regions themselves.

You will have the following regions:

  • The outer region (mall)
  • An optional “template” region that all plot regions will inherit from (shop_template)
  • The plots

Create the mall:

/rg define mall

Create the shop template. However, we’ll use -g to make it a non-physical region since we’re not actually using it to protect any area.

/rg define shop_template -g

Let’s make some plots:

/rg define shop1
/rg define shop2
/rg define shop3

Now, you will need to set parents:

/rg setparent shop_template mall
/rg setparent shop1 shop_template
/rg setparent shop2 shop_template
/rg setparent shop3 shop_template


An alternative is to set the mall region to a lower priority (/rg setpriority mall -1).

How do I prevent door, etc. usage in public areas of the mall?

The goal here is:

  • Set the use flag to deny in the mall: /rg flag mall use deny
  • Since that prevents usage in the plots too, we need to change use within the plots only
  • Since we created the template region, that makes it easy: /rg flag shop_template use allow

Due to the inheritance, the plots inherit the use flag from the template, which overrides the use flag on the mall.


Why don’t pistons work?

Did you set the build flag? You probably do not want to do that. Be sure to remove it:

/rg flag __global__ build
  • If you are trying to prevent building, you don’t actually have to do anything! By default, when a region is made, it is protected.

  • If you want to prevent building in the wilderness, you can set the passthrough flag to deny:

    /rg flag __global__ passthrough deny


At this time, it is not possible for a piston to push from one region into another. This issue is tracked as WORLDGUARD-3234 on the issue tracker.

Why aren’t mod-added wands and guns being blocked?

You likely can’t (without a lot of work on your part) due to the way things work. See the What’s Protected? page for more information.