Many of WorldGuard’s features exist as configuration options (potion blocking, scuba mode with pumpkins, etc.). Every configuration option available is listed on this page.

Configuration Files

Once you have run your server with WorldGuard installed, you will find the main configuration file inside the plugins/WorldGuard folder:

  • config.yml

Then for every world, you will find per-world configuration files:

  • worlds/world/config.yml
  • worlds/world_nether/config.yml
  • worlds/mining_world/config.yml

If you open up the per-world configuration files, they will be nearly empty. When you wish to override a setting, you would copy it into the world’s configuration file.

Example: Making a configuration option per-world

In the main configuration file, you may have set block-creeper-block-damage to true:

    block-creeper-explosions: false
    block-creeper-block-damage: true
    block-wither-explosions: false

But you want to set it to false in your nether world. Open up orlds/world_nether/config.yml and replace the file with:

    block-creeper-block-damage: false

Only the relevant line, as well as any parent sections, needs to be copied over.



These options are presented here as a reference, but you should change a desired option by first finding it in config.yml because some settings may need to be nested under another setting.

Setting Default Description
op-permissions TRUE Whether players with op should be given all permissions for WorldGuard, even if the permissions plugin in use does not provide permission for ops.
summary-on-start TRUE Show summary information about WG’s settings for each world on server start. This is pretty noisy and it should be disabled if you have many worlds.
auto-invincible FALSE Give players with the permission invincibility mode on join.
auto-invincible-group FALSE Give players in the wg-invincible permission group invincibility mode on join.
auto-no-drowning-group FALSE Give players in the wg-amphibious permission group water breathing mode on join.
use-player-move-event TRUE Whether WorldGuard should use (a little) more CPU to handle features that require tracking player movement. This must be on healing, feeding, greeting, and some other Region Flags.
use-player-teleports TRUE Whether teleport events should be considered when tracking player movement. Teleport events do not occur necessarily because the player teleports; it may occur somewhat randomly.
host-keys   A list of hostnames that players must connect from. See Host Keys.


Setting Default Description
deop-everyone-on-join FALSE Clear op status from all players that join.
block-in-game-op-command FALSE Block the /op command from being used in-game.


Setting Default Description
enable FALSE A feature that lets you block building based on giving players the proper permissions. See Build Permissions.
deny-message   Concerning build permissions, this is the message that is sent when permission is denied. If a message is not set, a default one is used.


Setting Default Description
block-entity-spawns-with-untraceable-cause FALSE As Bukkit does not always tell plugins the exact reason that an entity was spawned, it may be possible for a player to bypass protection to spawn an entity (such as with a spawn egg). This option blocks cases where the true cause cannot be determined. It is recommended that this option is left off because the number of cases where the cause is not known is quite large.
interaction-whitelist [] A list of block types that should not be protected. For example, if chests were added to this list, then they would never be protected with region protection. This setting is useful primarily when non-vanilla functionality is present (game features added by other plugins or mods) and you don’t want it blocked.
emit-block-use-at-feet [] A list of items that, if used, will also require that the player have the permission to theoretically modify the block at his or her feet. This setting is useful primarily when there is some item from some plugin or mod that uses a projectile (that affects the world) but does not test permission with WorldGuard. However, this is not a proper solution because the player can still stand in an area where he or she has permission and shoot into the desired area.

Example: Disabling protection on workbenches

The interaction-whitelist option can be used:

interaction-whitelist: [workbench]


Setting Default Description
item-durability TRUE Set to false to have items never break.
remove-infinite-stacks FALSE Remove items with ‘infinite’ stack sizes, which is essentially any stack size less than 0 (which is the result of a number overflowing the maximum and wrapping into the negatives).
disable-xp-orb-drops FALSE Whether to disable XP orb drops.
disable-obsidian-generators FALSE Whether to disable obsidian generators.


Setting Default Description
block-potions [] A list of potion types that cannot be used. The list of possible potion types can be found in Bukkit.
block-potions-overly-reliably FALSE Whether WorldGuard should try extra hard to block the list of potions mentioned in block-potions. This is generally not needed and enabling this may block more than you want.

Example: Blocking the use of night vision and speed potions

The names found in Bukkit are used:

block-potions: [night_vision, speed]


Setting Default Description
enable FALSE Whether to simulate sponge blocks similar to the way they worked in Minecraft Classic. Between the introduction of survival Minecraft and Minecraft 1.8 (several years), sponges did not work, but this setting is now obsolete and its use is no longer recommended.
radius 3 The radius of the sponge’s action.
redstone FALSE Whether Redstone can control the simulated Sponge blocks.


Setting Default Description
pumpkin-scuba FALSE Whether players with pumpkins (but not Jack o’ Lanterns) in their helmet slot will have water breathing.
disable-health-regain FALSE Whether automatic health regeneration should be disabled.


Setting Default Description
no-physics-gravel FALSE Whether gravel should not fall.
no-physics-sand FALSE Whether sand should not fall.
vine-like-rope-ladders FALSE Whether ladders will work like vines in that they won’t break as long as the top most ladder block is in a valid location (it’s on a wall).
allow-portal-anywhere FALSE Whether portal blocks can be placed in invalid locations.
disable-water-damage-blocks [] A list of block types that will not be broken by water.

Example: Preventing Redstone and Redstone torches from being damanged by water

Material names are from Bukkit’s Material list:

    disable-water-damage-blocks: [redstone_wire, redstone_torch]


Setting Default Description
block-tnt FALSE Whether the detonation of TNT should be blocked.
block-tnt-block-damage FALSE Whether TNT should do no block damage.
block-lighter FALSE Whether the use of flint and steel should be disabled.


Setting Default Description
disable-lava-fire-spread TRUE Whether lava should be able to create fires.
disable-all-fire-spread FALSE Whether fire can spread.
disable-fire-spread-blocks [] A list of block types that fire cannot spread to, or at least damage.
lava-spread-blocks [] If set (as a list of block types), the only blocks on which lava could flow on (other than air) would be the ones in the list.


Setting Default Description
block-creeper-explosions FALSE Whether the effects of Creeper explosions should be disabled.
block-creeper-block-damage FALSE Whether block damage caused by Creeper explosions should be disabled.
block-wither-explosions FALSE Whether the effects of Wither explosions should be disabled.
block-wither-block-damage FALSE Whether block damage caused by Wither explosions should be disabled.
block-wither-skull-explosions FALSE Whether the effects of Wither skulls should be disabled.
block-wither-skull-block-damage FALSE Whether block damage caused by Wither skulls should be disabled.
block-enderdragon-block-damage FALSE Whether block damage caused by Enderdragons should be disabled.
block-enderdragon-portal-creation FALSE Whether the ability of the Enderdragon to create a portal should be disabed.
block-fireball-explosions FALSE Whether the effects of fireball explosions should be disabled.
block-fireball-block-damage FALSE Whether block damage caused by fireball block damage should be disabled.
anti-wolf-dumbness FALSE Whether the wolf should be invincible in a number of situations, including, but not limited to, walking into lava and getting stuck. WHen wolves were first introduced into the game, Minecraft had very poor path finding and so wolves would frequently walk into lava or fire. However, as the AI of helper mobs in Minecraft have still much to improve, this setting may still prove to be useful.
allow-tamed-spawns TRUE Whether tamable mobs (wolves, horses, cats, etc.) should be spawnable.
disable-enderman-griefing FALSE Whether the ability of Endermen to pick up and place blocks should be disabled.
disable-snowman-trails FALSE Whether the feature of snowmen placing snow trails should be disabled.
block-painting-destroy FALSE Whether the ability of mobs to break paintings should be disabled.
block-item-frame-destroy FALSE Whether the ability of mobs to item frames should be disabled.
block-plugin-spawning TRUE Whether mobs spawned by plugins should be blocked when needed to apply some of these configuration options or to protect areas of the world.
block-above-ground-slimes FALSE Whether slimes spawning above ground should be disabled.
block-other-explosions FALSE Whether miscellaneous explosions should be disabled.
block-zombie-door-destruction FALSE Whether the ability for zombies to break doors should be disabled.
block-creature-spawn [] A list of entity types that should not spawn.


Setting Default Description
disable-fall-damage FALSE Whether fall damage should be disabled for players.
disable-lava-damage FALSE Whether lava damage should be disabled for players.
disable-fire-damage FALSE Whether fire damage should be disabled for players.
disable-lightning-damage FALSE Whether lightning damage should be disabled for players.
disable-drowning-damage FALSE Whether drowning damage should be disabled for players.
disable-suffocation-damage FALSE Whether suffocation damage should be disabled for players.
disable-contact-damage FALSE Whether contact damage (cacti, etc.) should be disabled for players.
teleport-on-suffocation FALSE Whether players should be teleported to a safe location (if found, and which is usually up) when they are suffocating. This feature potentially allows players to cross vertical barriers.
disable-void-damage FALSE Whether void damage (falling into the bottom of the world) should be disabled for players.
teleport-on-void-falling FALSE Whether players should be teleported to a safe location (if found) when they are falling into the void. This feature potentially allows players to enter areas that they normally may not be able to go.
disable-explosion-damage FALSE Whether explosion damage should be disabled for players.
disable-mob-damage FALSE Whether damage from mobs should be disabled for players.
disable-death-messages FALSE Whether death messages for players should be disabled.


Setting Default Description
disable-creature-trampling FALSE Disable the trampling of crops by creatures.
disable-player-trampling FALSE Disable the trampling of crops by players.


Setting Default Description
prevent-lightning-strike-blocks [] A list of block types where lightning should not be able to strike.
disable-lightning-strike-fire FALSE Whether fire caused by lightning should be blocked.
disable-thunderstorm FALSE Whether thunderstorms should never start.
disable-weather FALSE Whether weather events (including thunderstorms) should never start.
disable-pig-zombification FALSE Whether the “zombification” of pigs when they are struck by lightning should be disabled.
disable-powered-creepers FALSE Whether the possibility of creepers becoming powered when they are struck by lightning should be disabled.
always-raining FALSE Whether it should always be raining or snowing.
always-thundering FALSE Whether it should always be thundering.


Setting Default Description
disable-mushroom-spread FALSE Whether the spread of mushrooms should be disabled.
disable-ice-melting FALSE Whether the melting of ice should be disabled.
disable-snow-melting FALSE Whether the melting of snow should be disabled.
disable-snow-formation FALSE Whether the formation of snow should be disabled.
disable-ice-formation FALSE Whether the formation of ice should be disabled.
disable-leaf-decay FALSE Whether the decay of leaves should be disabled.
disable-grass-growth FALSE Whether the growth of grass should be disabled.
disable-mycelium-spread FALSE Whether the spread of mycelium should be disabled.
disable-vine-growth FALSE Whether the growth of vines should be disabled.
disable-soil-dehydration FALSE Whether the dehydration of soil should be disabled.
snow-fall-blocks [] If set (as a list of block types), the only blocks on which snow can fall on would be the ones in the list.


Setting Default Description
enable FALSE Enables Chest Protection.
disable-off-check FALSE Even if chest protection is off, WorldGuard will block the creation of signs with [Lock] on them so that if chest protection is later enabled, players cannot have preemptively lock chests that they did not own to begin with. This option, if set to true, disables this check when chest protection is off.


Setting Default Description
use-as-whitelist FALSE Whether the purpose of the blacklist should be inverted, where the only things that can be done are the ones that are denied on the blacklist.


These settings determine what the “log” action in the Blacklist does. Several logging targets can be enabled simultaneously.

Setting Default Description
TRUE Whether logging to the console should be enabled.
FALSE Whether logging to a database should be enabled.
jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/minecraft The connection string for the database. minecraft in the default is the name of the database.
root The username to connect to the database with.
  The password to connect to the database with.
blacklist_events The table to use.
FALSE Whether logging to files should be enabled.
worldguard/logs/%Y-%m-%d.log The pattern for the log files.
10 The maximum number of file handles to have open at once (file handles with the operating system).



You cannot override use-scheduler nor use-creature-spawn-event per-world.

Setting Default Description
wand 334 The ID of the item that is used to right click a block to inspect the regions affecting it. By default, this item is cow leather. Before, it was string but Minecraft added a use for string.
invincibility-removes-mobs FALSE If enabled, if a player is attacked while he or she is invincible due to the invincibility region flag, then the attacking mob is removed from the world.
fake-player-build-override TRUE Whether players with a name that start with [ and end with ] should bypass all protection. This is only the case with third-party plugins and mods that use ‘fake players’ in lieu of firing the proper events.
explosion-flags-block-entity-damage TRUE Whether the various -explosion region flags should also disable entity damage when enabled.
high-frequency-flags FALSE Whether to handle frequently occurring events such as fire spread or fluid flow in regards to region flags (such as fire-spread, water-flow, and lava-flow). This is disabled by default because those mentioned flags are rarely used and this setting may result in a performance impact in certain scenarios (many, many players and many, many regions).
protect-against-liquid-flow FALSE Whether fluid flows between regions should be blocked. This prevents one player from griefing another by having lava or water flow into the other player’s region. This setting must be enabled in tandem with high-frequency-flags for it to take effect.
max-claim-volume 30000 The maximum number of blocks in a region that can be claimed with self-serve region claiming.
claim-only-inside-existing-regions FALSE Whether players can only claim within existing regions.
max-region-count-per-player:   The maximum number of regions that can be claimed by a player (via self-serve region claiming). This setting can differ per permission-group if new entries are added below (like for ‘default’). ‘default’ is the default limit. If a player is a member of several groups that are listed, then the player receives the highest limit.
7 (See above.)

Example: Setting different region count limits per group

Each permission group is given its own entry:

    default: 7
    builders: 20
    moderators: 40


There are also some additional settings in this category, but we do not recommend changing them:

Setting Default Description
enable TRUE Whether support for defining regions should be enabled.
use-scheduler TRUE Whether to use a scheduler, which is critical to many WorldGuard’s functions (heal, feed, and game mode region flags, for example). Disabling it is not advised.
use-creature-spawn-event TRUE Whether the creature move event should be handled for applying some mob-related region flags.


These settings are used to migrate from old versions of WorldGuard and Minecraft. In the past, Minecraft accounts were identified purely by their name, but around the end of Minecraft 1.7, Minecraft moved to a system where players were (internally) identified by “UUIDs” and players could change their names. However, all older configuration files still referred to players by their name, so the following settings enable the conversion to UUID on server start for one time (the setting is automatically disabled).

UUID migration can be run repeatedly (with repeated changing of the setting) and it will only convert names that have not yet been converted to UUIDs. If there are no names to convert, then nothing will happen.


You cannot override these settings per-world.

Setting Default Description
perform-on-next-start FALSE Whether UUID migration should be performed on next server start (once). If the configuration file does not yet have this setting, WorldGuard will assume its value is true, perform the conversion, then set the setting to false.
keep-names-that-lack-uuids TRUE Sometimes, a name that was added to a region does not actually exist. This option keeps names that can’t be converted in the region data so that they can later be removed or re-converted (by adjusting the settings in this section to re-run the conversion).



You cannot override these settings per-world.

Setting Default Description
use FALSE Whether MySQL should be used to store data (see Storage Drivers).
dsn jdbc:mysql://localhost/worldguard The connection string for the database. worldguard in the default is the name of the database.
username worldguard The username to connect to the database with.
password worldguard The password to connect to the database with.
table-prefix   The table prefix.