By default, no one In order for yourself, moderators, and players to use WorldGuard, you must provide the proper permissions. One way is to provide op to moderators and administrators (unless disabled in the configuration), but providing the permission nodes on this page (through a permissions plugin) is the more flexible.

You can give the worldguard.* permission to give yourself and other administrators full access to WorldGuard.


Permission Explanation
worldguard.notify.* Receive notification with the ‘notify’ blacklist action and the ‘notify’ region flags.
worldguard.region.bypass.<world> Bypass region protection for a given world, which includes bypassing no-PvP flags.
worldguard.chest-protection.override.* Bypass Chest Protection and open protected chests.


If you are op or have all permissions, you will implicitly have these protection bypass permissions and it will appear that protection does not work.


See the Commands page for an explanation of some of these commands.

Permission Explanation
worldguard.god Be able to use /god (and /ungod).
worldguard.god.other Be able to use /god (and /ungod) on others.
worldguard.heal Be able to use /heal.
worldguard.heal.other Be able to use /heal on others.
worldguard.slay Be able to use /slay.
worldguard.slay.other Be able to use /slay on others.
worldguard.locate Be able to use /locate.
worldguard.stack Be able to use /stack.
worldguard.stack.illegitimate Be able to make stack sizes with /stack that exceed normal limits (i.e. 64 buckets in one stack).
worldguard.stack.damaged Be able to /stack items that should not be stacked because they use their value for storing other data. Be able to use /stopfire and /allowfire.
worldguard.halt-activity Be able to use /stoplag.
worldguard.reload Be able to use /wg reload. Be able to use /wg report.
worldguard.profile Be able to use /wg profile. Be able to have a report or profile submitted to a pastebin service.
worldguard.flushstates Be able to use /wg flushstates.
worldguard.running Be able to use /wg running.
worldguard.debug.event.* Be able to use the event testing commands under /wg debug. Those commands are used to simulate an action so you can trace down, for example, which plugin is blocking player versus player combat. However, this essentially allows a moderator to impersonate another player.


Permission Explanation
worldguard.region.wand.* Be able to use the Region Wand.
worldguard.region.load.* Be able to use /rg load.* Be able to use /rg save.
worldguard.region.migratedb.* Be able to use /rg migratedb.
worldguard.region.migrateuuid.* Be able to use /rg migrateuuid.
worldguard.region.define.* Be able to use /rg define.
worldguard.region.claim.* Be able to use /rg claim.
worldguard.region.unlimited.* Bypass claiming limits.
worldguard.region.list.* Be able to use /rg list.
worldguard.region.list.own.* Be able to use /rg list and have it show one own’s regions.

Per-Region Commands

The following commands support a base permission (such as worldguard.region.redefine), but also allow you to use specific permissions that only apply if a player is an owner or member of a region:

  • worldguard.region.redefine.own.<region name>.*
  • worldguard.region.redefine.member.<region name>.*
  • worldguard.region.redefine.<region name>.*
Permission Explanation
worldguard.region.redefine.* Be able to use /rg redefine.
worldguard.region.remove.* Be able to use /rg remove.
worldguard.region.setpriority.* Be able to use /rg setpriority.
worldguard.region.setparent.* Be able to use /rg setparent.* Be able to use /rg select.* Be able to use /rg info.
worldguard.region.teleport.* Be able to use /rg teleport.
worldguard.region.addmember.* Be able to use /rg addmember.
worldguard.region.addowner.* Be able to use /rg addowner.
worldguard.region.removemember.* Be able to use /rg removemember.
worldguard.region.removeowner.* Be able to use /rg removeowner.

Example: Letting players look up information on only regions that they own

Use the own.* form of the permission:*

Example: Allowing every player to use /rg teleport city

The region name can be specified in the permission:*

Flag Command

The /rg flag command has the basic permission:


However, rather than providing that encompassing permission, you can provide the combination of the following two:

  • To determine which regions can have their flag changed by the player, any of the following permissions can be given (and they work like the permissions in the previous section):

    • worldguard.region.flag.regions.own.<region name>.*
    • worldguard.region.flag.regions.member.<region name>.*
    • worldguard.region.flag.regions.<region name>.*
  • However, to determine which types of flags can be set by the player, permissions of the following pattern can be given:

    • worldguard.region.flag.flags.<flag name>.<region name>.*

Example: Letting players be able to only change flags on regions that they own, and limit the flags that they can change to use and chest-access

You would need to provide the following permissions: